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SpLD Assessment  (SpLD = Specific Learning Difference)

I will produce an extensive report based on two to four hours of psychometric testing which will be written to the required standards set by SASC (SpLD Assessment Standards Committee).   


In order to be certain of the assessment outcome, it is essential to screen and potentially make further assessment for several SpLDs including dyslexia, DCD and ADHD. This is primarily because SpLDs can appear very similar on the surface and it is not uncommon to identify more than one (in varying degrees).


Dyslexia will be formally diagnosed, if present, but recommendations will also be made regarding DCD (dyspraxia) and ADHD, if appropriate. These vary depending on the age of the individual.


At higher education this is entirely sufficient to access all levels of support from the institution.  


For younger people, this may take the form of a referral to your GP and advice. Please note that school's still need to apply for exam adjustments. 

For those who have now left education, this process is aimed towards supporting you in life and the workplace. This may involve suggesting suitable alterations. 


As the assessor has a current SpLD practising Certificate and is registered with a professional body, the report is valid for life, even if the assessment is completed when you are at school age. I therefore recommend getting this completed as early as possible.



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