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When can I have an assessment?

Some times of the year are very busy. I do my very best to see people within a few weeks, but this can be extended to months especially between October and March.  In the summer time, it can be within a week or two.  Once I have met you, your report is usually with you in less than a week but you can let me know if you need something very quickly.  Cancellations can sometimes happen so only use this as a guide.  Send me an email on the contacts page to check.  

Where do I need to go?

I have tried several different ways of doing this and the best option is to not be limited by time, or affected by noise and distractions.  I have an excellent space at my address in Hucknall Nottinghamshire NG15. 

Can I come with someone else?

It's often useful to bring a parent or someone who knows you very well to help with gathering all the background information we need.  However, during the assessment, there must be no distraction or noise at all and it is also a confidential process for very good reasons.  This protects the validity of the tests and allows open communication without an audience.  The only exception here is for younger children who may need an adult in the adjacent seating area to go to for breaks. 

What ages do you assess? Is it the right age for me? 

In short, you need to be older than 8 and I have assessed people older than me (I'm getting on now too).  Mostly, I work with students entering university and finding some difficulty, however more and more people are choosing to be assessed much earlier which is great.  The report produced is valid for life and does become very useful after school age as significant levels of funding and support become available.  However it is good to know this before you get there in my opinion.  Many people are really struggling with school work and need some advice and support that might help their teachers to understand them fully but also be aware of how to support them in the ideal situation. This is the same at any age, and I have also helped many people who are finding aspects of their work difficult. At different ages, the focus becomes different and in an age of great technological advancement, there are so many usefule recommendations whatever your age.  

How long does it take? 

Between 2 and 4 hours. Because of the diversity of the people I see it is almost impossible to say.  Sometimes we have to break it up into two days, but it is shorter with younger children and it will take longer if we discover the need to asses for more than one SpLD (Specific Learning Difference) 

How much does it cost

The fee is currently £500.  This will cover screening and assessment of multiple SpLDs and an extensive report.  

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